cometogetherplace is  private studios & a community place that presents a wide range of artistic fun & an intellectual repository without pandering to either the street or institutional art worlds.  Hosting FREE & affordable events we take in very little money annually while charging no or little commission for art sales.  Striving to blend everyone, we achieve this by expanding the dialog of the form of communication called art.  We believe in the artists we show-their ways of seeing, feeling, & wanting to share it with others.  From young & inexperienced to the older professionals all displaying next to each other so we may learn.  Our events contain a vast field of media & materials on subject matters ranging from simply pretty to the pretty bizarre.  Attended by everyone from babies to 80+yr. olds, Normal’s mayor to the burger flipper, CEO’s to welfare poets all feeling welcome & belonging.  “What we do for art, we do for ourselves & for our children & the future.”  Hans Hofmann.  We are the underground & the higher learning on the street in a former homeless shelter.  We are with you with all our love & we are against you with all our love, standing together reaching understanding.  We depend on & support the public & each other.  Onewordoneworldonelovecometogether.

Put what fits

Where it fits

When it fits


212 N Roosevelt Ave

Bloomington IL 61701